Sunday, January 17, 2010

Infy selection process - as i get

9-10th of august 2009 infy came to our engineering college for campus.About 260 students are illegible for placement meeting criteria of 60%,60% & 65% with no current backlog.

Two step process: 
   1) Aptitude/reasoning Test  no negative marking
       a) Logical Aptitue test
                 - prepare logical questions not mathematical as calculative.
                 - As mathematical questions just prepare the questions of type .. "a1 men , a2 women  do w1 work in t1 time , & a3 men , a4 women do w2 work in t2 time then a5 men , a5 women will do w3 work in how much time?"
                 - prepare syllogism seriously , u hav to get concepts deeply of this.
                 - you can refer for this verbal n non verbal of R S Agarwal
       b) English Reasoning test
                 - Refer verbal n non verbal of R S Agarwal
                 - Strong your vocabulary power
                 - prepare complex sentences for error finding, u may refer GMAT book only for this.There are some rules at last for this.
                 - questions based on paragraph (try to attempt at last or ur choice)
                 - relative word , synonyms , antonyms

  2) Personal Interview (only HR)
                 - your projects : prepare project details not about coding , your role
                 - your strengths : prepare the examples when you found that u r strong
                 - your weaknesses : try to convince u dont have any,if you tell interviewer any weakness then be sure those are not going to effect your work performance.
                 - always show them
                             @ u r a team player
                             @ u worked hard for get selected in infy
                 -  Prepare your current knowledge , prepare not only read newspaper during one week before.
                 - Prepare details of newspaper u read
                           @ Publisher
                           @ Place from where it publish
                           @ First edition
                           @ Price
                           @ Daily coming different subpapers like delhi times, accent , matrimonial etc with indiatimes with their corresponding days.
                  - Details of infy from infy site.

There were 123 guys who had selected for interviews.luckily i was one of them.

Questions asked from me :
              @ Your native place?
              @ It is famous for what?
              @ Then some personal questions..
              @ How u prepare for infy?
              @ How you spend time between written result n interview?
              @ Why u join infy?
              @ Difference bw website n portal?
              @ What is blog?

My written test was declared afternoon , n i faced my interviewer at 11:30 pm night, then we got our result next day at 12:15 AM very morning.n 105 of us were selected finally for training at infy campus Mysor.Thank God , I was also one of them.

All d best you guys...process is quite easy hav confidence.

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